About CBD Natural

CBD Natural is one of only a few select shops in the whole of Spain devoted solely in the sale of CBD oil and dietary health supplements. We are a fully licensed parafarmacia with a team of highly experienced staff and because we have been selling online for more than 10 years it was only fitting that to compliment our CBD shop that we have a bespoke website to run along side so our customers can buy CBD Oil from the comfort of their home.

Our Experience

CBD Natural have taken a giant leap forward to open our first shop specialising only in CBD supplements and hemp lifestyle products. With 30 years in the industry we have a wide knowledge of the cannabis plant, both our experience and our high standards are unrivalled so for us it was the obvious choice. We set out 30 years ago and were first in the development of plant growth systems and now our expertise and innovate has led us to this new expansion of our business with products to naturally benefit and improve peoples lifestyle and well being.

CBD Products – Quality Assured

The products that we sell at the shop and here on line at CBD Natural are selected from only the most trusted European manufacturers all with a similar goal, to produce the best natural hemp products and food supplements with minimal impact on the environment.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

When you buy CBD Oil from CBD Natural we guarantee all products are from their original source and conform to the strictest EU regulations and of course do not exceed the restriction of 0.2% THC (THC is the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant) and the legal limit in most European countries including here in Spain and the UK. Our own brand of CBD Oil also complies with the these regulations with the same certification and undergoes the same rigorous testing from seed to shelf, as of all our manufacturers.

CBD Natural – Market Leaders Europe and UK

Whether you visit our store meet and chat with our friendly staff or simply buy CBD oil from our web site you´ve taken the right step in choosing the UK and Europe’s market leaders CBD Natural, our prices, industry knowledge and customer service is simply the best.