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CBD Extract

CBD Extract

Pure concentrated CBD Extract is created when all of the natural chemical compounds of the whole hemp plant, the cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids are extracted from the dried flowers. The extraction process can be done either RAW (pressed from its natural form) or decarboxylated (solvent and heat are used to convert CBDa to CBD).

The cannabinoids from RAW extractions will be in their acid form, for example CBDa which is a cannabinoid in its own right but when decarboxylated (heated) the CBDa will turn into CBD.  Endoca offer a CBD extract range to cover both so if you´re interested in receiving the benefits of the whole hemp plant then Endoca is the range to choose from.

CBD Extract For Sale From Endoca

Nobody believes in the power of pure CBD extract like Endoca. They offer some of the strongest CBD oil available on the market today in the form of pure hemp CBD extracts. The range includes the 2000mg Hemp Oil  and 3000mg Raw Hemp Oil Paste which have been exempt from the heating process (with the exception of a mild filtering process at the end). Both the oil and paste contain CBD and CBDa in its rawest form and are like juicing hemp! The 2000 mg CBD hemp oil is CBD in its purest form containing the whole plant goodness without filtering to retain its colour and the full flavour of the whole hemp plant spectrum.

CBD Extract Use

As with regular CBD oil our advice is the same when you select to use CBD extract. Start off with a small amount building up steadily over a period of time until you find your plateau (the level to which you are most comfortable). Depending on the reason you are using the extract and what you would hope to achieve with it 50-100mg would be an ideal measurement to start off with if goal is for symptom relief, however a much larger dose would be more suitable to treat certain conditions. Of course, you can administer in other ways by dividing into capsules for more accurate measurements this is a good idea if making up for a family member or friend who is not able to measure out for them selves the capsules can then be taken orally or as suppositories however desired. You can also add the pure CBD extract direct to your food whichever method is easy for you.

CBD Extract Legal

All the CBD extracts for sale at CBD Natural are fully legal and comply with the strictest of European standards. They are produced by top manufacturers in clinical laboratories to ensure that only the cleanest purest CBD oil reaches our shelves. So if you are looking for the full benefits from CBD in a natural hemp product in its purest form then CBD extract should be part of your health regime.

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