CBD Oil – A Brief History

If you´re looking to buy CBD Oil and think it´s a brand new revelation, then think again. Since time began the cannabis / hemp plant has been on our earth, and all parts of the plant have been used as medicine for thousands of years. The evidence of the plant being used dates back to the 3rd millennium BC, and was more than likely used way before that. In ancient China cannabis was extensively used for fibre, rope, food and medicine.  Although widely used in Asia it wasn´t until Dr. William O´Shaughnessy a surgeon in the Irish Army in India in the 1800´s that the medicinal benefits of marijuana were introduced to the western world. He treated a 6 week old baby suffering with convulsions, the infant responded well and was convulsion free in just a couple of days.

It is a known fact that between 1837 – 1901 Queen Victoria was prescribed cannabis tincture by her doctor for menstrual cramp pain! Evidence of this however was subsequently removed from her private medicine cabinet which is on public display at the Victoria and  Albert museum. Cannabis was used as treatment for over 100 different illnesses and diseases, right through the Victorian on period onwards until it was banned in 1928.

Unfortunately over the following decades cannabis gained a bit of a bad reputation, generally considered as a recreational drug as opposed to therapeutic or a medicinal one, that is until the 1990´s when the endocannabiod system was discovered in humans and animals. In this discovery it was found that cannabis like chemicals called endogenous cannabinoids or endocannaboinoids control a wide range of our body functions and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant help regulate and manage the endocannabinoid system.

Can You Get High Off CBD Oil?

Cannabis is a unique plant of which scientists have discovered contains over 100 cannabinoids, the one we probably know most about is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant that gets you ´high´ or ´stoned´ but more recently the attention has focused on CBD (cannabidiol). CBD  is non-psychoactive and does not get you high or stoned. It also has a broad range of effective natural healing elements, from pain relief to anti inflammatory benefits making the hemp plant the healthiest  most remedial plant on the planet.


The Full Entourage CBD Oil

More recently as CBD Oil and natural hemp products have become more and more popular, researchers have identified whilst CBD is effective, “full spectrum” CBD Oil containing a wide or broad range of cannabinoids could be more beneficial than isolated CBD alone and that many or all the cannabinoids which are present in the hemp plant work together to provide a greater effect. “Full spectrum”  is also referred to as the entourage or entourage effect or Broad / Wide Spectrum CBD OIl. These CBD oils will contain a range of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG and of course THC however its important to note that in accordance with regulations in most European countries including Spain and the UK that the THC limit in any CBD product is 0.2% – All products sold at CBD Natural conform to this restriction and are 100% legal.

Best CBD Oil And Natural Products

Everyone´s talking about the new CBD lifestyle, news, social media, there´s so much information being published daily it´s a wonder the internet isn´t on melt down but there´s nothing new about medical cannabis at all, what is new though is that you can buy the best CBD oil, capsules, pain creams and much more from the comfort of your home safe in the knowledge that your product contains 100% natural ingredients. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the world of natural healing and well being, take control of your health, feel well and active and treat yourself to some of the best natural hemp products available to buy online from CBD Natural.