CBD Oil Dosage

What is the best CBD dosage?

When you buy CBD oil whether in our shop or online one of the main questions we get asked here at CBD Natural is:  What´s the best CBD dosage? Generally if you are receiving a prescribed medicine the same dosage applies to all. This is not the case with CBD oil, there is no particular dosage that applies to everyone, you can take a group of people with the same condition, it dose not mean they will all need the same strength or type of oil, it depends on a number of factors, including DNA, severity of a condition, other medical conditions, diet and lifestyle.

How many drops of CBD oil should I take?

If you are new to CBD Oil dietary supplements and want to know where to begin you will need to discover a method, strength and dose that suits you personally. This all depends on the condition that you want to treat whether it be for anxiety, sleep, inflammation etc, what you want to achieve and how you want to feel. What suits one person may be different to another.

All CBD oil tinctures on our site are labelled in accordance with their CBD (cannabidiol) percentages, the type of extraction for example RAW or decarboxylated, and type of carrier oil, hemp or hemp seed oil, olive oil and sunflower oil.

Often people start off with a relatively low strength CBD oil tincture, and with a low dose and build up on a weekly basis, until they find a good strength and dose that suits them as an individual, this may take anything from one week to a few weeks.

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Be consistent with your CBD oil drops

When starting with a low strength CBD oil you may want to start with 2 drops three times a day or 3 drops twice a day. If you feel the benefit after one week you can stick with it or reduce it a little.

If you´re not feeling any benefit after a week or so then you may want to increase your dose. For example, 3 drops three times a day or 4 drops twice a day, it may be that you only need to take 1 extra drop at night time, or before the period of the day you know you will need it most.

Assess yourself on a weekly basis and let your body tell you whether to go up or down in doses, most importantly be consistent and don´t swap and change on a daily basis, keep a record if it helps.
The key is to be regular and consistent with doses, and combine with a healthy diet which also suits your individual needs to achieve optimum results.

How do I measure CBD Oil?

CBD Oil tinctures are sold with a pipette to enable you to administer the amount of drops you need, most people drop the CBD oil under their tongue and leave for a minute or two and allow to dissolve, if your dose is more than 3 / 4 drops per dose you may wish to do it in stages of 3 / 4 drops at a time and allow to dissolve each time. For those who have difficulties whether it be because they are unsteady or not able to see what they are doing, the drops can be placed onto the top of your hand or a spoon to be administered under your tongue. For those who are not too keen on the taste, the drops can be placed on to food or into capsule to digest or use as suppositories. You can also buy CBD oil in capsule form making an easier option for people who might struggle administrating the drops.

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