CBD Oil Raw and Decarboxylated

When you are shopping online to buy CBD Oil you will often come across the following descriptions on the labelling, “RAW” (CBD & CBDa) and “Decarboxylated” (or heated). What is the difference and what does it mean?

What is CBDa in CBD Oil?

When a cannabis plant has grown it contains cannabinoids in their acid form, so CBD rich strains will contain CBDa (cannabidiolic acid). Blending or juicing CBD rich flowers is a popular way of consuming CBDa. When decarboxylated extractions are made (cannabinoids are extracted from the flowers using heat) the CBDa becomes less as it turns into CBD. Some of the manufacturers on our site like Endoca for example offer a choice of either decarboxylated or Raw CBD Oils within their range.


Over the recent years there has been a lot of research carried out on CBD, but very little research on CBDa and with more and more people introducing CBDa into their diets and hugely benefiting from consuming this cannabinoid a lot more physical research is needed.

CBD has been proven to have multiple benefits for our body and its functions, and the latest studies that have been carried out on CBDa show that both cannabinoids are beneficial to help regulate sleep, appetite, pain, mood, memory and fertility, and both have anti nausea, anti inflammatory, anti infection and anti anxiety properties. Some studies have shown that CBDa can have anti-proliferative effects like CBD but certainly more research is needed.

Raw CBD Oil Benefits

When considering to buy CBD oil as part of a healthy lifestyle or as a treatment for any condition it can be a difficult choice to make, especially when the market is saturated with so many brands and options, so it is important to make the right decision. What we know so far is that cannabinoids work together to provide our bodies with what we need and therefore a combination of CBD and CBDa in the form of Raw CBD oil could be more beneficial when treating certain conditions at achieving more effective results in a shorter time scale than CBD alone.