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CBD Oil - Endoca

Organically certified and and quality assured, welcome to sustainable world of Endoca.

The goal of Endoca is not only to produce a top quality product worthy of their brand name and provide complete customer care but they believe the process in doing so should have no impact on the environment. Already working with 100% organic hemp plants Endoca have already achieved a process of capturing ambient CO2 particles and recycling them into all natural plant wash, this new technology is not only efficient but non pollutant too.

Organic CBD OIl

The whole natural CBD lifestyle and  process has been embraced by Endoca starting with total organic production, from their own harvesting machine which runs on recycled oil to their organic packaging Endoca´s aim is not only the health and medical aspect of CBD oil production, they want to achieve this by completely sustainable methods.

Live a Healthy CBD Lifestyle

Endoca know there´s more to a healthy lifestyle than just a dietary substance, to live well sometimes means a complete change of lifestyle. CBD oil  is a great way to start but also what how we eat and how we exercise is equally important and should go hand in hand. Endoca are strong believers in promoting this within the community.

Best CBD Oil

Endoca were one of the first manufacturers to unlock the secret of nature and  make CBD accessible to the consumer. They offer a complete range of 100% organic products which are continually tested to provide consistency of the precise amounts of CBD, CBDa, terpenes and flavonoids to ensure the best product every time you purchase. The strengths of Endoca CBD oil are offered in variable formats from 300 mg (3%) to 1500 mg (15%) and they are available in both tincture and capsules. Also included in the range are Endoca 98% Pure CBD Crystals which can be used in edibles, vapes, oils and waxes.

So when your´re looking to buy CBD oil to stimulate your own endocannabinoid system and improve your lifestyle go for natures best Endoca and get back to basics with a natural healthy active way of living.

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Endoca CBD Lips and Skin 0.47%


Use it whenever you have dry lips or need extra moisturising.

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