What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil is an extraction taken from the whole plant (Cannabis Sativa L) this means the oil will contain a broad range of cannabinoids as opposed to CBD isolate. There are over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant including the most talked about Cannabidiol (CBD) however, researchers have discovered that other cannabinoids also contain immense therapeutic value like CBG and CBN etc and this new research continues to prove that a combination of cannabinoids can be more therapeutic than CBD alone. The combination of cannabinoids in a broad spectrum oil depends on a number of factors: the strain of cannabis used to create the oil, the time of harvest and curing process of the flower and also on whether the oil is RAW or decarboxylated.

Full Or Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits

By having a good balance of cannabinoids from a full or broad spectrum oil (or  the “Full Entourage Effect” as its also known) scientists have discovered that this can be more beneficial for our neurological system, nervous system, major organs, blood, skin, hair and teeth as each cannabinoid has a different purpose. Isolating a single cannabinoid may not be the most effective treatment for our health.

Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Natural have a wide range of the best Broad Spectrum CBD oil products from various manufacturers including Pura Vida, Natureight and Enecta and like our other CBD oils for sale they are available in various strengths. One of the most important factors when considering purchasing a Broad or Full Specturm CBD oil is the percentage of total cannabinoids. Check out the labelling before you buy, Pura Vida for example label their products with the CBD content and total cannabinoids percentage so for instance a 10ml bottle containing 1.8% CBD will also state 5% which is the total cannabinoid content in that particular bottle. You can view the whole range here and for further guidance on the best Full Spectrum Oil for you refer to our CBD Oil Dosage section in our main menu.