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Plant of Life

CBD Crystals – Plant of Life

Plant of Life are a company based in Barcelona Spain that sell a range of CBD crystals. These pure CBD crystals are extremely versatile and can be added to your favourite drink or smoothie, utilised in cooking and baking, mixed with vape liquid for use with  e-cigarettes, mixed with your own preferred carrier oil or just simply dabbed.

CBD Precise Dosage

Measuring CBD crystals from Plant of Life is easy and by administering CBD via this method it allows you to control your daily dose precisely and of course if you are one of the few that do not like the taste of regular CBD oil then one of the versatile options mentioned above is the perfect option to ensure you receive your daily intake.

Pure CBD Crystals

Highly refined CBD crystals from Plant of Life are the purest form of CBD available, almost 100%  pure and with such versatility they are an excellent way to lead a healthy, energetic lifestyle.

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