Organic Hemp Balm Teatree and Rosemary



The main component of Cannabios Teatree & Rosemary Balm and the basis for the production is a combination of virgin olive oil, cold-pressed hemp seed oil and a unique extract from hemp plants.

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Organic Hemp Balm Teatree & Rosemary from Cannabios Product Overview:

Cannabios Teatree & Rosemary Balm is suitable for the treatment of damaged and irritated skin, calms after insect bites.

Tea tree oil and rosemary essential oil in combination with active cannabis ingredients significantly support the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects and prevent the skin from fungal disease.

Suitable for the treatment of all skin problems.



Cannabios – Natural Organic Hemp Products Cannabios, a sensational range of 100% organic hemp products made from the extract of hemp plants and other natural ingredients but most importantly containing the precious anti inflammatory cannabidiol CBD. Cannabios offer a complete range of balms and body care to regenerate your skin  and keep it looking healthy and full of vitality. Hemp healing Balms and Creams The focal point of the Cannabios range is their extensive range of balms all of which are based on the active hemp ingredient for anti inflammatory benefits but are also useful in the healing and repairing of dry damaged skin, eczema, fungal disease and have a positive effect on burns, scrapes and grazes scars and tattoo healing. There are 2 types of wash gels, a 2 in 1 for every day family use and an organic intimate wash gel with natural healing properties which is particularly useful for delicate skin and after surgery. Complete your daily routine with the natural hemp massage oil with its amazing moisturising effects and feel great in your skin all day. 100% Natural Ingredients Cannabois use only natural ingredients throughout their range and the production is completely environmental friendly so when you´re looking for CBD products with only natural ingredients that are kind to the planet as well as the skin you need to check out the Cannabios its the natural way to go.

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